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How to Explain Digital Marketing To A Five-Year-Old

How to Explain Digital Marketing To A Five-Year-Old

Chances are that you have a decent understanding of what digital marketing is and what it can do for your business – but what do you tell people who have no immediate concept of what digital marketing is? You have often heard the phrase “keep it simple stupid” and digital marketing at its most basic is no different. This is why I felt compelled to try to break down digital marketing in such a way that even a five-year old could understand it.



At The Heart Of Digital Marketing

At its most basic, digital marketing means that you are promoting your brand or your product through one or more forms of electronic media. Especially considering that most people have access to the Internet nowadays, it means that you can target a wide range of people with digital marketing.

Digital marketing is about the pull – which means that you make something appear attractive for someone else. This means rather than focusing on what YOU want, you focus on what the customer wants. The entire process of digital marketing begins with the demands of the customer, not with you, not with phone calls, not with advertising.

Instead of using the traditional push messages to get your message out to people (making sure that people know about your product or service), you make sure that you use social media, search engine marketing, and content marketing to make sure that your message is spread.

It is about understanding your customers better – who are you more likely to buy something from, someone who knows exactly what you want, or someone who just appears to want to sell you something? The analyitic tools available are becoming more and more advanced (allowing for an even more detailed breakdown of information) and we are garnering more and better information about potential customers. This makes digital marketing something that a company wants to invest in, especially because the conversion rates are that much better when marketing is personalized.



What a Digital Marketing Professional Does

A digital marketing professional takes a very close look at the information and the message that is being sent. They look at how many times someone looks at a particular advertisement, whether an advertisement leads to a sale, and what people are paying attention to. When you visit a website for the first time, a digital marketing professional wants to know where you are paying attention, what draws your attention when you first browse onto the website, and what makes you less likely to continue browsing the website.



Why Digital Marketing Is Important

Digital marketing is important because nowadays, you have access to information anywhere and everywhere that you want. If you want to learn more about the latest product or the latest video game release, you do not have to wait until the information comes to you, you do not have to wait until you get a flyer from your local store – you have the option to get information about products any time that you want.

This also means that companies are unable to decide when and where information comes from. Digital media is becoming an increasingly broad spectrum that encompasses social media, shopping, news, and entertainment.

Before, companies could decide the information that people took in about their company. Nowadays, people also get information from peers, relatives, friends, media, and general social contacts that they come into contact with while online. Who are you likely to believe? Someone who wants to make some money to sell you a product, or someone who just shares information? People want to buy from brands that they trust. They want offers that are specific to their wants and needs and they demand communication that is personalized to their needs.

“People want to buy from brands that they trust. They want offers that are specific to their wants and needs and they demand communication that is personalized”



The Win-Win Factor Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to personalize your marketing efforts, which is a win-win situation for all parties involved. If you are skeptical, give me a moment to explain:


  • The business – The company benefits because it gets better conversion rates. If a company was not interested in making money it would have been a nonprofit organization. With better conversion rates the company is able to service their customers better.
  • The customer – The customer is given an offer that matches with their needs and solves their problems perfectly. This means that a customer is quickly able to find the resolution that meets their needs.


A party venue is interested in having people celebrate their 10-year anniversary (or any type of anniversary for that matter) at their center. Through digital marketing, they are able to target people who are coming up on that specific type of anniversary. They are able to fill their venue, while the happy couple is able to find a great venue to have an event.



Managing The Expectations Of Your Customer

If you want to make someone happy, you need to truly understand what they want. If you want to be the person to make your customer the happiest he or she can be – you need to make sure that you know more about them than anyone else, you need to make sure that you know everything that there is to know about this person. How are you going to reach someone? What is the best way to get in touch with them? What is the best time to ask someone a question?

In order to better understand a customer, how to make someone happy, you want to make sure that you have all the information in a single location, that you have a sort of marketing book where you are able to ask questions and look up information. This is going to help you service your customers in the future. The more that you know about someone, the better you are able to help him or her find what he or she is truly looking for.

You have metrics available that you do not have in the traditional media when you work with digital marketing. This is going to help you get to the core of your customer. And if you truly understand your customer, if you really know what makes them happy, you are able to give them what is going to make them happy before they even know what they want…and that is the true beauty of digital marketing.

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