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Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Website A Sales Machine Part 2

Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Website A Sales Machine – Part 2

I previously gave you a number of different ways that you are able to generate more income from your website (click here if you haven’t read the first part). This is not about offering the right product (because we are going to assume that you already did your own research to see what your customers want) but ways to make your website more appealing, to make it more interesting for potential buyers to actually pull the trigger on your website.


Hack #5 – Testimonials Of Past Clients In Text And Video Form

People love knowing about the experience of other people – real people! If you are going to use model stock photos and attributing reviews to them, you are already giving people a reason to doubt your credibility. People are going to want to know that others were happy enough to work with you and they would do so again in the future (and are even willing to be featured online to prove it)


Hack #6 – Consider Different Pricing Strategies – Freemium Or Trials

Why do these work as opposed to the traditional method of asking for full prices with the possibility of a refund if people are unhappy? It is because freemium or trials are asking for a relatively low commitment – low risk action! The person making the decision does not have to worry about a high commitment – high risk action (if I do not like it I have to go through steps to get my money back; will I even get my money back?) but can rather try out the goods or service for themselves.


Especially if you stand behind your product, this is a great way to tempt people into trying what you are offering them. Freemium or trials offers provide a low-risk and high-reward option for the potential buyer, making this a great option if you are finding that clients are unable to pull the trigger because of initial purchasing costs.


Hack #7 – Design Your Website So It Looks Professional

This still holds true, you are less likely to trust badly designed websites and so is everyone else. This is not about actual mistakes on the websites, but if your website looks like it is straight out of 1999, it is going to worry viewers that they might have been the target of an online scam. Why is that you ask? Because oftentimes these scammers are not going to spend a great deal of time developing their website – after all, they could get shut down once someone complains about their illicit behavior. By that time, they already have the money and forget that their website ever existed. Your website needs to look appropriately professional for your needs.


Hack #8 – Satisfaction Guarantees

Everyone loves a good guarantee, because like in hack #6, it reduces their overall apprehension about making that initial purchase. It is a great idea to offer a good guarantee, but it is even more important that you make good on this guarantee if you are going to offer it. This means that if you are telling people that you will refund them within 14 days after returning the product, the money should not be in their account any later than day 14. If you are late, you are personally nullifying your own guarantee. This is just another reason for people to trust you less.


Hack #9 – Start A Contest Or A Promotion

If you want to lure potential customers to your site and attract attention in social media channels, an online contest or promotion can help you do that. It can be effective to have frequent, simple contests with smaller perks, despite the fact that a high value item giveaway is going to draw in the most attention. There are a number of different available options that can handle the giveaway for you and might even help you judge the entries.


Hack #10 – Make It Easy To Verify The Accuracy Of Your Information

If you are using verifiable information (and you should if you want to build a level of trust with your visitors) why not make it even easier for them to confirm this information for themselves? If you have trusted third-party sources, you can link the information there. Many people that visit your page are not even going to click the link (or if they do, they almost certainly will not read the article you are linking to) but it is going to make your website far more credible. If you increase credibility on your website, chances are that customers are more likely to do business with you.


Hack #11 – Update Your Site Often

If the visitors to your website feel that it is up to date, they are likely to attribute more credibility to your site. You might not need to update your website very regularly with certain niches, but perhaps you can add a blog where you are going to give information that revolves around your product or service.

You might not have to update your website, but by keeping an up-to-date blog, your visitors are going to see that this is in fact a real website that is still being maintained. If you find that you cannot even maintain a blog, you can create a large psychological impact just by showing the current date on your pages. You can easily do this through a plugin, and it can make your website feel that much more credible.


I am heading into the last of our hacks for improving the sales on your website. Make sure that you tune in for the third and final chapter soon.


Which one of these do you plan to use? Write your thoughts below.

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