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Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Website A Sales Machine Part 1

Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Website A Sales Machine – Part 1

If you are spending the money on hosting your website, generating press for it, working on content etc., you want your website to make money for you. Yet this is exactly where many entrepreneurs struggle, because they are unable to turn their website into a money-making entity that can generate money on its own.


If you are sick and tired of throwing your hosting costs down the drain and want your website to become self-sustaining and eventually become a sales machine, we have a few handy hacks that are going to allow you to do just that. Continue reading on throughout our three-part series and you too will be able to have a money-generating website.


Hack #1 – Offer Valuable Content

Content is King – you have probably heard that before. However, content is not just King, it is the Queen, Jester, Bishop and the entire Royal Court put together. Content is going to help you build trust with your customer. Content allows you to direct the conversation towards topics that you find interesting or important. If you are offering content that is actually valuable, the user (e.g. the person that you want to persuade into buying something) will believe that you have something interesting to offer.


With good content, you are not only giving users a reason to continue visiting your website (to learn more information, to find out whether there is updated content), but it is also going to force them to stay on your website longer. Even though the length of a website visit does not guarantee a sale, it certainly does increase the chances that you are going to sell something to your visitor.


This type of content can be anything ranging from interesting articles to videos, but it has to offer something that visitors are going to want. If you are offering the same information that they can find elsewhere on the Internet (or worse yet, copy and paste other information) visitors are going to figure that out quickly enough.


Hack #2 – Have An Effective Shopping Cart

You would not believe how many customers decide to pull out of buying a product or service at the very last minute – primarily because they are not impressed by (or feel intimidated by) the shopping cart that your website uses. If you are not very tech-savvy, you want a service that is going to handle the checkout and payment processing. Given that there are options available that will do this for relatively little money (and with customizable online store templates that are tablet and smartphone-friendly), you have no excuse for not having a shopping cart that entices people to complete their order.


Hack #3 – Avoid Errors, No Matter How Small

You might assume that a single broken link or a few typographical errors are no big deal, but a study from Stanford University would argue otherwise. In fact, even small errors are going to hurt a site’s credibility far more than you might initially realize.


This is not unlike walking through a dodgy neighborhood to go and buy something that you want. If you have a store that is in the middle of the ‘bad part of town,’ people are going to feel far less inclined to buy from you. In an online environment, you have the chance to create your own neighborhood – so you want the surrounding area to be as nice as possible.


The last thing you want to do is offer the potential customer a reason to say “I probably shouldn’t”. If they cannot count on you to avoid 404 errors or fix a few spelling blunders, why should they trust you with their credit card information or their PayPal information?


Hack #4 – Use Trust Badges From Respected Companies

If a user has never heard of your website before, they are taking your word (and the look of your overall website) to trust you are going to offer what you promise. If you can have some help from a respected company, it can help build trust. Using a trust seal or a trust badge might even bring in future visitors from one of the many organic searches.


It is important to remember that many of these seals do come at a cost – so it is something that you have to consider. Oftentimes you can get a free trial that lasts you a few weeks or even a few months, that should give you enough time to determine whether this is something that your website can benefit from.


If you want a few examples of the more trusted badges that you might want to consider, there are Truste, MerchantSafe, ValidSafe, Trust Guard, McAfee Secure, and VeriSign. You can also consider organizational badges from BizRate, the Better Business Bureau, and others.


In our next article, we are going to look at another few suggestions that will help your website become more prolific and help you sell your service or product to your website visitors.



Which one of the above, you don’t use at all? Write your thoughts below.

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