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Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Website A Sales Machine Part 3

Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Website A Sales Machine Part 3

As Ι roll on and get close to our last few hacks, Ι want to make sure that you have been paying attention. All these steps are not necessarily about doing something quick and easy (the traditional life hack) but it is about optimizing what you are already doing. Having said that, let’s continue with the last few hacks.


Hack #13 – Use Funneling

You want your website to funnel people into the right place for them, e.g. the right place is where their problem is solved because of your product or service. An easy way to do this is by having clear navigation in your website and call to actions* to guide your visitors through your sales funnel*.

This might take a bit of work and a great deal of planning, but helping people get to their goal faster is ultimately going to pay off tremendously. Get the people to the part of the website that triggers them and watch your overall sales skyrocket.

*Call to actions or commonly referred to as CTA’s, the call to action is basically you telling the visitor what they should do. Most of the times it is used to lead visitors to make a purchase or to contact you. Good CTA’s you can include on your site are “to find out more call us today on…” and “get started with your new…”.

*Sales funnel is the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service


Hack #14 – Use The Logos Of Past Clients

Ι have already mentioned having good references of past clients on your website – so how is this different? The truth is that having a few logos (preferably logos that your readers are going to recognize) instantly triggers that sense of acknowledgment with your reader.

This is a fast and easy way to make sure that your visitors know who you have previously worked with. Having their logo on your website (assuming you do ask these companies of course) also serves as another endorsement that says “Yes we have worked with this company before and we stand by them.”


Hack #15 – Consider Using Questions

Even though there is ultimately no real difference in the information that you are presenting (the facts are still the facts), the way that you present the information on your website can make a difference. Try to ask questions that readers might be asking themselves. For example, rather than writing “shipping and handling costs X amount”, you can consider writing in the form of a question: “How much is shipping and handling?”

This not only benefits the readers in a number of different ways by triggering them, but you might actually be answering questions that readers did not know that they wanted to ask. They will become more engaged with the information as a result. There is a far better chance they will want to see the answer after they have already seen the question.


Hack #16 – Do Not Ignore The Importance Of Copywriting*

You may have heard some sales expert say that people buy on emotion and are going to rationalize that decision with logic. Although there is some truth to that, you still want to appeal to the logical side of your customer’s brain.

This is done by using effective copywriting, it’s extremely powerful, especially if it’s done under a complete digital marketing strategy. To help your copywriting a bit, I am going to go through a number of different examples that you can use that will help you reach your target audience in a more effective manner.

*Copywriting refers to written content which is part of an advertising or marketing effort. The written material is structured in the best possible way so that it can influence and persuade the reader to take a particular action or feel a specific emotion.


Copywriting Tip #1 – Use Instant Gratification

People want results, and they want results fast. If you have a program that has GUARANTEED results within a year, chances are that people are still going to opt for the option that merely promises the chance of results within a month. People want results fast, so you have to tell them (truthfully) how your service or program is going to benefit them right now, or at least very soon.

Here is an example from the fitness industry.

The first program is marketed as:
”Instafit System – The step by step program that will help you get a 6 pack in 60 days or less”

The second program is marketed as:
“The 1 Year Fitness Program”

In this scenario most people will be attracted to the first fitness program as it promises quick results.


Copywriting Tip #2 – Use A Conversational Tone

If you use a “passive-academic” tone, you are losing the warmth that you need with your audience. This means that even though the information is technically correct, you are not actively persuading them of anything. You are not giving them the personal connection that they want, the tone that makes them engage you further. When you are using a personable, conversational tone, you are making it as though you are explaining something to them rather than marketing to them.


Copywriting Tip #3 – Use Benefits Not Features

When it comes to copywriting, there is one common issue that people fall for: confusing features with benefits. It is not enough to make a sale if you just present a list of features. Even though features can make for effective advertising copy, you want to provide them with advantages that your product or service offers over the competition.

It might be a challenge to distinguish between the two, because oftentimes a feature is going to sound like a benefit. Saying that your ISP offers the fastest Internet connection in your local area actually showcases a feature rather than a benefit. The BENEFIT would be that you have faster downloads or are quickly able to navigate your way when you are lost.

You have to look at advantages as what the feature can do to result in a benefit. The primary difference between benefits and features is that benefits affect an emotional level that audiences can relate to. The audience has an immediate motivation to understand why this is something positive, why this is something that they want.


Copywriting Tip #4 – Connect With Your Target Customer

You want your customer to trust you – otherwise they are not going to buy your product. In order to do so, you need to understand how their internal dialog works. You need to have market research done that will help you learn their language and fears. This is going to allow you to offer a solution to the exact problem/concern that the customer has in his/her own head.

This is not an easy fix, but the best way to find out what your customer relates to, how your customer thinks and talks, is by looking through the comments section in YouTube videos, find out information about related Amazon books, relevant blogs/forums, and emails from your clients. Once you know how they talk and think, you know how to reach them.

Large companies typically allocate a big part of their budget in marketing research. Their findings are used extensively by both the product development team and the marketing team.


Copywriting Tip #5 – Your Language Should Be Specific And Definitive

Even though you can draw people in with enticing copy* such as “click here to learn how to lose weight fast!” it is not going to be the same as offering specific and definitive information. If you tell people that they can lose eight pounds in a week, they are far more tempted to click because it promises them an actual benefit. There is no guessing – nothing is unclear – they know exactly how much they can expect to lose and when to lose it. In this case the marketing copy would be “click here to learn how to lose 5 pounds in 7 days or less”

*Copy refers to the output of copywriting


Hack #17 – Make Sure That You Show That You Are A Real Organization

Again we come back to the problem with Internet scams and too many people losing money because of it. Do you want an easy way to prove to people that your company is in fact “real?” Make sure that you are listing a physical address on your site. It does not matter if you have a Fortune 500 business going or just run your business out of your garage, people prefer to see an actual address.

If you have a more advanced office than say your fold-up table and a chair, you can even go so far as to post pictures of your office on your website. You might even find that a picture of a home office could do well, because many completely trustworthy, legitimate businesses are being run from home nowadays. This is just another way that you can tell people “I am here – I am real, and I am not going to take your money from you.”


The Wave Of The Future

The good thing is that people are more comfortable than ever before when buying online – but the problem here is that you are competing against a number of other companies. With a little hard work and these great hacks, you are able to let your website handle the trust side of things and do the marketing work for you. That is going to help you blast your future sales into orbit!


Which one of these do you plan to use? Write your thoughts below.

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